Case Study #2 Blinds Manufacturers*

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  • Blinds Manufacturers have 3 Sagem MA500 clocks.
  • They have 150 employees.
  • Their employees must clock up at least 45 hours at Normal Time for the week.
  • Thereafter, they are paid at time-and-a-half.
  • On Sundays, they are paid at double rates.
  • The day is divided into three shifts (except for Sunday) and employees rotate from afternoon shift to morning shift to night shift.

Monday to Friday:

Shift 1 : 06h00 – 16h00

Shift 2 : 14h00 – 22h00

Shift 3 : 22h00 – 06h00

They have one hour unpaid lunch and it can be taken anytime.


Shift 1 : 06h00 – 11h00

Shift 2 : 11h00 – 16h00

Shift 3 : 16h00 – 21h00


Shift 1 : 06h00 – 18h00

Shift 2 : 18h00 – 06h00


This portrays that Clockwatch is flexible and can accommodate different shifts as well as flexible lunch/tea times.


*Not the real names.

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