1 By harnessing the speed of computers, the operator is able to add up the hours worked by the staff and print out time-sheets of hours worked, days absent, a late comers report and many more in a matter of moments.

2 Reduces Cheating and Fraud: Clocking data is stored on your computer. All changes are highlighted on the time-sheets for you and your employees to check.  Irregularities cannot be overlooked, as the computer processes the clock cards.

3 Reliable and User-Friendly: The programs have evolved over more than ten years. Ongoing feedback from some of the hundreds of users helps us to refine and constantly improve the system, making it very reliable and very user-friendly giving YOU the best value for money in Time-and-Attendance Systems in the country.

4 Improves Labour Relations: From 5 – 5000 employees: Every calculation, addition, for every person, for every week is done accurately and according to YOUR rules and regulations. No worker can complain that you short-paid him/her. You can relax knowing that you have not paid for time not worked. Everyone is happier when pay is calculated without mistakes and according to the agreed rules.