Frequently Asked Questions

What happens if someone forgets to clock in or out?

In this case an employee’s start or end time can be adjusted according to your company policy. The system is flexible enough. You can do manual clockings as well as adjustments.

Can I integrate the biometric system with my payroll software?

Certainly, and in fact, this is one of the major strengths of Clockwatch System.  We can  generate CSV file which you can import into your  payroll program. This solution greatly reduces your time spent on payroll administration.

Can the device be used outdoors?

Yes we have Anviz and Sagem outdoor readers.  We can also built housing for the units.

I’m ready to order. What’s the next step?

Please contact our sales team on 011 264 0530 in order to discuss your company’s specific employee attendance needs. Our sales team will discuss the appropriate biometric solution with you, offer a free quote, and help you schedule an installation.