Help Desk

It’s never been easier to get some help with your Clockwatch and CWbio systems. Just drop us an email with details of the problem. The address isĀ



What happens?

1. Our system automatically replies, confirming receipt of your email, and giving you a ticket number that must be used as a reference on all contact with us on that specific problem.

2. Your message pops up on our help-desk consultant’s computer

3. If he consultant has a easy fix he calls you or replies to your email.

4. Otherwise he queues the message and contacts a more specialized technician to resolve the problem.

5. If the issue needs a service call, the consultant will book a technician to visit your site. He will advise you of the expected time.

6. If the problem is not resolved within a few hours, the help-desk program highlights your message forcing the consultant to take action.

7. When the problem is sorted out, the consultant will mark your message as resolved and the system will automatically mail you that the ticket has been closed.




Just phone us on 0860 100 854 and one of our friendly staff will assist you and enter your problem on the help-desk system.