Timesheet reports

The Abbrevitions on the Timesheet stand for:
Code   Description
AB       Absent
BD       Bad Clocking (the employee did not clock in/out or twice for an entry/exit)
NT        Normal Time
OT        Over Time
PH       Public Holiday
ANL     Annual Leave

Background of Timesheet Reports

  • monthly, weekly and daily timesheets can be selected.
  • weekly reports can be done for multiple weeks with totals for the full period selected.
  • start-and end-dates of monthly reports can be adjusted to your requirements.
  • public holidays operate automatically according to an editable table.
  • consistent report set-up screens make for easy use.
  • speedy calculation algorithms ensure quick data output.
  • adjustments and manual clockings can easily be entered for dates in the past or the future.
  • times (or double clockings) can be deleted.
  • all edited times are highlighted so that cheating is prevented.