Turning Time Management into a different ball game

Clockwatch Time-and-Attendance software is user-friendly, compatible with our card readers, iButton readers, Anviz and Morpho biometric readers. Our software, which utilizes password-access, guarantees privacy of time-and-attendance and employee exception report information. This password-access function prevents unauthorized users from changing confidential system information. Clockwatch Sentry has unique time setting as well as a clock locking security option. This clock locking feature allows you to lock down the date and time on any computer running on a Windows operating system.

The Clockwatch software is ideal for averting potential fraud or tampering with electronic timecards or other computer time stamped events. If any unauthorized persons attempt to change the date or time on the computer or the reader or in the software, the attempt will be automatically blocked and logged. Furthermore, persons trying to change the time or date from the control panel on the PC will be prevented from so doing.

Clock Locking Features

Clockwatch provides security for time critical applications. The administrator maintains password-protected access that prevents date and time changes on all versions of Windows.

The time synchronization function makes your computer a precision time keeper by synchronizing its clock with the world’s most accurate clock. This function ensures that your system clock doesn’t drift over time, has options for manual or automated time setting, and allows Internet or direct modem dial-up connection to a wide variety of timeservers. Its targeted applications include:

  • time & attendance systems; time card; punch clock and time stamp applications
  • security or access applications
  • successful integration with specialized needs of legal and government institutions
  • successful integration with requirements in the farming sector
  • compatibility with all Windows operating systems

More Feature Benefits :

  • settings to specify manual, automated, or periodic time synching
  • display options for main screen, timeserver selection and connections
  • stable, reliable and secure time base
  • logs that display unauthorised attempts to change time and date settings
  • graph options for comparative time setting results
  • BIOS Clock Windows update from motherboard clock
  • capable of running Sentry as a background service
  • real time master clock on a PC card
  • optional addition of a GPS receiver


Our Clockwatch software should easily meet your needs and give you the results you want.